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My kids attended a birthday party over the weekend that included a ride on The Gypsy Rose.  The mighty Captain Tim and his wench Martha have put together a very cool experience for kids of all ages. The ship itself is a sight to see with its treasure chests, stuffed shark, skeletons of victims past, pirate booty and a mock parrot on the look out.

Arrival, Launch and a Treasure 

We arrived just in time to see the massive pirate ship make dock at The North Shore. The ship is daunting and painted in colors that creeped the mind The Pirate Ship of the Mississippi and brought flashbacks of The Pirates of the Caribbean. I was fully expecting Captain Jack Sparrow to jump off the ship and land on the dock at any minute.

The kids boarded the ship and of course, parents got the first class tour. From the ships galley to the mast above – the ship is decked out and ready for a battle on the high seas. Okay – maybe not but it really is cool. They cover every detail from skeletons strewn about, to a large stuffed shark, to cannons (some made up to shoot Nerf balls) and a stuffed parrot perched high above in the Crow’s Nest. And, swords. Lots of swords.

The ship launched and headed out into the cold misty horizon. Okay, it was a bright sunny day and the horizon was the tree-lined shore on the other side of the river. Just trying to give a little dramatic affect. The kids were led to a whiskey barrel full of Teenage Ninja Turtle swords, knives and of course your standard issue pirate eye patch. In between girls vs. boys sword fights, they were taught the catchy (kid appropriate – not so much) song titled: YO HO HO and a bottle of Rum.

Destination – a deserted island.

The kids were treated to a real life treasure hunt. Captain Tim took the gang of eight on a quest (map included) to find the buried treasure. X really did mark the spot but the kids missed it again and again. And, once they did find it they were so anxious they messed up the X and could not find the loot (candy and fake gold coins). All ended well, however.

Back on the ship and back to the North Shore to enjoy the spoils (pizza, soda and double chocolate chip cupcakes). It was a hearty day.

Great Experience

I give this experience two thumbs up. And, would encourage any group to jump aboard The Gypsy Rose. They accommodate both kid and adult adventures up to twelve. And when you split the $400 fare, it’s more than reasonable.

No affiliations. Just check them out on the web or call  Wench Martha at 314-541-7394 or Capt. Tim at 314-477-5658.

In Missouri they pick up from: North Shore Marina, 601 North Shore Drive, St.Charles MO 63301
In Illinois they pick up from: Grafton Harbor, 215 W. Water St., Grafton, IL  62037 – Phone: 618-786-7678

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