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I recently attended a Techli meeting in downtown St. Louis, where the theme was Female Founders. It was a great meeting where women from the Chicago and St. Louis area presented start-up ideas that have been or are soon to become successful. One of the projects that’s currently in the works caught my attention, and has apparently caught the attention of thousands of others: The Everpurse.

The Everpurse is currently in the final stages of funding on Kickstarter. The creator of this amazing purse, Liz, started with the goal of raising $100,000 in 30 days to begin the manufacturing of her purses. Instead, she made $140,000 in 8 days and is continuing to knock it out of the park!

So what is this Everpurse everyone’s talking about?

While I don’t know all the techy stuff behind it, it’s basically a way to charge your phone on the go wirelessly. Basically when your phone is running out of battery, you stick it into the pocket of this purse, which has, in short, a built-in wireless battery charger, and it re-charges your phone. No finding the nearest plug or carrying along your car charging chord in your purse anymore. Liz created this purse with an inducting charger mat, so you just drop the purse onto the mat, re-charge it and it’s ready for your phone the next time it needs to be charged. Liz told me you can get up to 24-hours of phone charge before you have to re-charge your purse.

I’m so pumped! While it seems the purses may be more than I generally spend for a purse (I think in the $100-$200 price range), it would be a good Christmas present (in case my boyfriend is reading this). The project will be funded as of October 13th so wishful thinking is that they’ll have some purses on the market by December.

Currently the Everpurse is clutch size, which is convenient for nights out, but also if you have a large purse like me that you carry around on a normal basis, they will easily fit into those as well. She’s teamed up with a Chicago designer and they are working on getting together with more designers and manufacturing companies, so soon there will be tons of stylish, fun options to choose from! However, if you’re dying to get yours sooner rather than later, currently you can get them in fabric or leather with 3 color choices for each.

So far the only drawback is that I am an Android user, and the Everpurse is currently only set to work with the iPhone 4 and 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. From what I heard, it should be compatible with newer versions of Androids soon though so I guess that means a phone upgrade for me!

Check out the Everpurse video and then get in line because this purse is all the rave!


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