News Anchor fights back against bullying and fat shaming.

Melissa Jensen
4246 days ago.

News Reporter Jennifer Livingston receives critical letters every day from viewers, as she states it is part of doing the job she has chosen in the public eye.  This letter was different, this letter was not out of “concern for the example she is setting for the community,” this was fat shaming, and while I don’t agree that the world needs to conform to the overweight and there is much debate on what fat shaming really is, let’s all agree to call this what it is.

This mother of three is successful and out there doing her job.  She’s not Paula Dean on t.v. everyday telling people to fry their butter and use doughnuts as hamburger buns, she’s not promoting a lifestyle.  She’s a news anchor; she’s reporting the news.  For this man to take the time out of his day to point out to her that she is fat is ludicrous.  It makes me even angrier that he says “especially for little girls.”  Wow, sexist ya think?  Not to mention I think this well put together, well spoken, obviously strong woman is an amazing example for little girls and little boys.

Why do we think it is o.k. to rip apart strangers?  Why do we presume that we need to enlighten them on the ways they are living that are wrong?  How dare we presume that we are better and more knowledgeable than the people we know nothing about?

Well said Jennifer, well said.

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Melissa Jensen

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