It’s Here, Embrace It, Whining Won’t Change It

Melissa Jensen
4258 days ago.

That’s right, barely the beginning of Fall and the stores are bringing out the Christmas.  I don’t know why every year this comes as such a huge shock to everyone.  It has been happening for years people!  It isn’t going back to the way it was and I must say, I don’t mind at all.

I’ve started my Christmas shopping; I don’t know about you but a huge chunk of money does not fall into my lap on December 1st of every year and yet without fail Christmas seems to happen every year.  It makes no sense to me why people wait.  What are you waiting for?  (I secretly blame you people who wait on the demise of the gift and rise of the gift card.)

I haven’t jumped completely into the Christmas music but Vince Guaraldiis certainly priming me up.  If you don’t love Charlie Brown Christmasyour heart is stone.

Christmas has hit the shelves, just like it does every year, but ultimately it is what you make it. Stop complaining like it is something you’ve never seen before and take this opportunity as a reminder that you don’t want to feel broke in December and January. Instead, you want to truly enjoy your family and friends during that hectic time of year and not be stressing about gifts, shopping and crowded stores.


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Melissa Jensen

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