Cupcakes, Beer and Glow Sticks

3867 days ago.

What do these 3 things have in common?

They’re all awesome! And they’re all ways to trick us St. Louisans into exercising.

I mean, everyone knows St. Louis loves our beer, so offer us a race where we can collect bottle caps to win a 6-pack and we’re like “Where do I sign up?”

And cupcakes, who doesn’t love cupcakes? Hello, Jilly’s is an award winning cupcake bar! Why would we not enter a race where we get to eat 5 delicious Jilly’s cupcakes?

Lastly, glow sticks. Enough said. From the Glow Run 5K  just a couple weeks ago to The Color Run to the Day Glow Paint Parties, it is clear we love dressing up in tutus and other fun accessories while running through the streets getting hit in the face by mass amounts of powder and liquid color bombs. I believe this makes us fun…not crazy as some might suggest.

So take your pick or try them all, the 3 coolest races coming to St. Louis:

The Glo Run: November 3rd – 7:30pm – Run through the streets of St. Louis in the dark with black lights and strobe lights to guide you. Wear fun glow swag necklaces, sun glasses and a glow in the dark shirt (takin’ it back to the 80s!) courtesy of the race and jam to live music from local DJs.

Gateway Cupcake Run: Saturday, November 10 – 9:00am – Join the other cupcake lovers in Forest Park to compete in a 5K run/cupcake eating contest. Of course everyone’s a winner since you get to eat 5 Jilly’s cupcakes, but on top of that, the top 3 men and women win a gift certificate to Jilly’s as well.

The Bottle Cap Dash 5K Obstacle Run: Saturday, November 10 – 11:00am – Race through Central Field in Forest Park, complete obstacles, grab bottle caps and be rewarded with a 6-pack of craft beer from the bottle caps you collected.

Which will you choose?


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