Can Coffee Help You Live Longer?

Mike Brewer
4136 days ago.

It was a sweet pleasure to my eyes to read the words: New Study Shows Coffee May Help You Live Longer. Finally, I would know that all those

Coffee helps you live longer

years of drinking four to six cups a day and, sometimes more – would pay off. Or, more honestly I finally knew it was not going to kill me. The headline also took me back to the day that my affinity for coffee started.

It was 1994 and I had just started to work for Re/Max Town and Country, a residential real estate and property management firm in the small town of Clovis, New Mexico. It was there that I got my first taste of this liquid fountain of youth. I was attending my first sales meeting along with a host of men and women who looked to be in their 50’s and 60’s. Knowing what I know now – they could well have been in their youthful 150’s and 160’s. And, their secret – coffee.

They all took turns pouring a cup of this magic but when it came around to me I said, no way. Give me a can of sugar-water mixed with some delightful taste additive – Pepsi. They all laughed and ran me through a list of the benefits of drinking coffee. The one I remember most was – it would put hair on my chest. Not a real driver in the way of making me want to knock off a cup. I did concede however.

And, the taste – was awful! Worst thing I ever had in my mouth up to that point in my life. I think I pondered spitting it back into the cup. It was worse than my first shots of beer, wine and whiskey combined. I remember saying something to the group along the lines of – people really drink this crap – how? They all laughed again and told me I would be hooked inside of a month.

Fast forward – they were right and today I love coffee. So to know that the New England Journal of Medicine (I hear they are a big deal) published the findings of the aforementioned study jazzed me to no end. And, for all you coffee lovers out there – you have a new reason (and a good one) to grab a cup or two or six or ten. It could add a number of years to your life.

Don’t believe me or the study? Check out what Cal Orey has to say in his book – The Healing Powers of Coffee

For those of you that love the stuff – what is your favorite St. Louis coffee hangout? For me – it’s all about Starbucks. Be it in the Valley, Brentwood, CWEDowntown or North County. I will go out of my way to get a cup from the masters of coffee.

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