"Sleepwalk With Me" Showing This Weekend At The Tivoli

Melissa Jensen
2894 days ago.

I was excited about this movie when I heard interviews about it on NPR.  I heard it was coming to St. Louis at the Tivoli this Friday and I got really excited.  Now I’ve watched the trailer and I am super-duper excited!!  I feel that everyone must go and see this movie…ALL OF YOU!!

See, I’m a gigantic fan of NPR.  It drives my kids nuts (not unlike my dad listening to talk radio when I was a kid, only the kids should appreciate this because it is soooo much better…sorry dad, it’s true), there is almost never music in my car.  I love the news, I LOVE “Wait Wait…. Don’t Tell Me,”  I love “Car Talk” on a weekend morning, but above all I enjoy the stories on “Radio Lab” and “This American Life” which have made me cry and laugh, kept me in the car for a driveway moment and made me think.  If you have never listened to these shows I suggest you check them out and download a podcast…or many.

Sleepwalk with Me” is based on the Off-Broadway show, book and life of comedian Mike Birbiglia.  The movie was co-written with Ira Glass (love him) and co-produced by “This American Life.”  That was plenty of information to make me think it’s going to be awesome, but if you need more proof,  it received the Audience Award at Sundance.

It’s Mike’s personal story of suffering from a rare sleep disorder in which he physically acts out his dreams, like jumping out of a two-story window in real life while he’s doing the same thing in his dream.  The story is told with all the hilarity that comes from a cast made up largely of comedians, such as Wyatt Cenac from the daily show.

Check out this trailer and then go see this movie!!! When? Friday September 14th at The Tivoli Theater in U-City


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