September 19 – National Don't Text And Drive Day

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Texting while driving has become the number one driving distraction in America today. Drivers need to be aware of the dangers and keep their attention on the road, not on their cell phones or other mobile devices. AT&T urges drivers not to text and drive by creating the “It Can Wait” campaign. This nationwide campaign got the attention of many cities and communities who now recognize September 19 as National “Don’t Text and Drive Day”. Contrary to popular belief, texting and driving is not just a teen problem. Studies show that you are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident while texting and driving. A 2009 study conducted by Car and Driver magazine measured reaction times of drivers while reading messages, writing texts, and after drinking enough to blow a 0.08 on a breathalyzer test, which is the legal blood-alcohol content limit while driving. Surprisingly perhaps, the drivers’ reaction times were worse while using text messaging than when under the influence.

I, as well, have had my own experience with texting and driving. While driving home from work southbound on Hwy 55, I heard the chirp of my cell phone letting me know that I had a message waiting. Keep in mind that Hwy 55 southbound in the evening flows smoothly and rarely has back ups. I looked down for what had to be two or three seconds to see who had sent the text. By the time I looked back up, I found myself slamming on my brakes to prevent hitting the car in front of me! Needless to say, there was an accident and traffic had begun forming that quickly. I didn’t even get to read the text. I wonder where I would be if I had decided to actually open the text and read it before looking back up at the road. It’s very possible I wouldn’t be here to write this blog. So I say to you, take it seriously, don’t text and drive. It’s not worth it and your life may depend on it.

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