Rams Coach Jeff Fisher – Mustache Night

3917 days ago.

St. Louis Rams vs. Washington Redskins September 16th 2012

If you’re looking for something fun to do on Sunday, September 16th…come out and support our Rams at the Edward Jones Dome (trust me…they need all the support they can get).  I am hopeful our team has gotten slightly better with the new players we picked up and after watching their performance in the final pre-season game against the Ravens and kicking their butts 31 to 17. And even though they lost, they played a great first game of the season against the Lions.

Personally, I think the marketing team for the Rams are geniuses! They have come up with an awesome idea for their first home season opener.  All Rams fans in attendance will receive their very own stick-on “Coach Jeff Fisher” mustache! How sweet is that!

If that doesn’t entice you, then how about the fact that you will also be part of breaking the world record for most fake mustaches worn in one place? Now that’s cool!  To add even more hype, the Rams just put out the Official Jeff Fisher Mustache App for an iPhone or an Android. You better believe I downloaded it too…it rules!!

You can download it here:  http://www.stlouisrams.com/fans/fisher-stache.html

To buy tickets to the game, go to the Rams site and click on the Tickets button at the top of the page. http://www.stlouisrams.com/