Male Revue Show in St. Louis?

4017 days ago.

….If you clicked on this because of the title, shame on you!

Just kidding! But sadly no, I do not have breaking news that an all male revue show is coming to St. Louis. Rather, I am reaching out to encourage St. Louis to jump on the bandwagon, and let’s get one!

I recently drove to Chicago for an all day bridal shower and bachelorette party extravaganza. For the bachelorette party, we got a limo and went downtown to see MEN The Show, my first live all male revue show.

A well known bar in downtown Chicago called Mother’s, also known for being featured in the movie “About Last Night” with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore is home to MEN The Show, an all male review show a lot like Magic Mike. If you didn’t see Magic Mike, no worries, I’ll explain.

An all male revue show (based on my expert knowledge from having been one time and watching Magic Mike) starts with several very attractive men fully clothed in a variety of uniforms (firemen suits, business suits, etc) performing a choreographed dance together. Little by little they take off layers of clothes until they’re left in just sexy little shorts, boxers, briefs, etc. Then they perform individually, sometimes acting out scenes or dancing, all with an end result of deafening screams from women, dollar bills covering the floor, and sexy, muscular men wearing next to nothing.

If you’re not interested in sexy, muscular men wearing next to nothing, then I can see how St. Louis having an all male revue show wouldn’t be of interest to you. What I can tell you though, is that Monday through Friday Mother’s is just your every day bar for anyone to enjoy. However, on Saturday night during this Ladies Only show, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The screaming, dancing and overall vivaciousness of the crowd is an experience one must see to believe.

This isn’t a strip club. The men did not get fully naked. There weren’t even any man thongs. There wasn’t quite as much men-only dancing as I thought there’d be, but I’m sure every show is a little different. I was also more than pleasantly surprised at the overall attractiveness of the men. I was honestly a little hesitant that they would not be Magic Mike caliber. And while, in my opinion, no man can compete with Channing Tatum, they came pretty darn close!

A show like this is perfect for girls nights, birthdays and of course, bachelorette parties. There were at least 10 parties (bachelorette and birthday) there that night. And with the amount of bachelorette parties I see out and about every weekend in St. Louis, this would be a great entertainment venue. I mean, we already have Jumpin’ Jupiter, which is a step outside the box, so I think we’re ready for this. If St. Louis had a show like this, we’d be the place people drove for their bachelorette parties and Dirty 30 birthdays. To hear that people drive out to Chicago for something like this saddens me. We have a better baseball team, better zoo, better weather and better people. Our nightlife must be better also!

I already have a name for it and everything! Men of The Lou: Welcome You to the Ultimate Ladies Night. Now we just need a fun bar with a big stage that’s not already being used on Saturday nights and some attractive men. Let the games begin!


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