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Melissa DeCicco
4231 days ago.

When you think of ‘old people cars’ what brand(s) come to mind? I am guessing Buick and Cadillac just rolled off of your tongue. And, you are probably somewhat accurate in that judgment given the biggest Buick sales peak was 1984. However, in a recent conversation regarding cars with co-workers it was suggested that owning a Buick indicated that you were not only of old age but also a conservative Midwesterner. While that also may be true, I can’t believe that I am the only 30-something (conservative, Midwestern or otherwise) with an affinity for Buick. For the record, I am not an old, conservative Midwesterner. I would prefer trendsetter with vintage taste.

My first Buick was a hand-me-down from my grandpa that I took to college. It was a 1983 LeSabre, maroon and pointy on both ends, similar to the one pictured. I will say that I was highly embarrassed to drive it but it was nearly 2 decades old by that time.

Move over grandpa, Buick’s got a brand new swag!

With a great lineup of cars and SUV’s, Buick is partying like it’s 1984. So grab your energy drinks, TOMS, and iPhone 5 and hop on the new 2012 trend! The Enclave is my personal favorite but I also love the LaCrosse! The more trendy Encore (see below) was recently revealed and will be available in the 2013 line-up. It is a super sleek crossover, perfect for the young spontaneous type. The quality and luxury of the whole line-up is tremendous. It has to be, with supermodel Marissa Miller and the King of Cool, Shaq and real-person, me as spokespeople.

Write your own definition of cool.

If you haven’t seen a Buick in a while, it’s time to take another look. Buick has a great history of cool and this is just another chapter. Yes, those pointy Buick’s were, at some point in time, cool. They even have a club dedicated to restoring them. The goods are there but ‘old person’ reputation just seems to precede them. Decide for yourself – it’s time to stop “keeping up with the Jones’” and start setting your own trend in the neighborhood.

If the new aesthetics aren’t enough, the list below is a little more solid (without the car jargon that I don’t understand).

5 real reasons to jump on the Buick bandwagon even if you are not a conservative Midwesterner:

1. Dependable (tied with Jaguar in 2009 as the most dependable brand in the US)

2. Listed as the best cars for the money in 2012

3. IIHS 2012 top safety pick

4. Made in America

5. They are H-O-T-T (ok, 4 real reasons and a cherry on top)

The LA Times even said that the “Lacrosse blows the Lexus out of the sky” – powerful words.

I am patiently waiting to purchase my very own Buick Enclave but until then, I’m buying the t-shirt 🙂 Please take our quick survey to weigh in!

*Disclaimer – I am not being paid by Buick, I just get jazzed up about their cars!

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