Gangnam Dance Craze

Melissa DeCicco
3910 days ago.

Must be performed with a serious face. Really. Dance on your invisible horse with a straight face, I dare you.

I know I am a little late with this but I am just fascinated by it. Park Jae Sung, better known as PSY, is a Korean pop artist whose recent song Gangnam Style is rocking the world (he really said you must perform the dance with a serious face). So popular, in fact, PSY recently signed with Justin Bieber’s manager. I have never seen something go this viral so fast. Check out all the twitter chat about it using #gangnam.

The Oregon Duck does it, Nelly Furtado does it, the Ravens punt returner did it, flash mobs are doing it, Mills did it, and I am pretty sure you are next. It really is a catchy tune. I keep having visions of people doing the macarena and chicken dance right after this at weddings from now until eternity. Maybe to spice it up and Americanize it we should pair the dance with a fabulous mustache. But for now it is just fun!

Here is what all the fuss is about:

My absolute favorite was posted on Mashable, check it out:

So, now, this is my favorite…it has a little twist!

Has anyone seen someone do this in person? Please share.

Now you can be one of the cool kids at the next dance party. Giddy-up!

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Photo courtesy of Hollywood Invasion 

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