Candy Corn Oreos and Candy Corn M&Ms…Um, Yes They're Real

Melissa Jensen
4257 days ago.
Candy Corn Oreos

Just in case you are baffled by this concept (I mean people are running out the door each Fall to hoard candy corn, saying things like “I just can’t get enough candy corn”…maybe not), I can assure you they are both very real.  To add to the confusion of this concept, I heard the Candy Corn Oreos were only available at Target; however, I have since found them on Amazon, just in case you decide  you want them in bulk.

Now, I do love candy corn (I’m not big on the pumpkins even though they are the same thing with a different shape) and I’m not sure why since I’m not really much of a candy eater, but I find myself indulging each Fall when the stuff hits the shelves.  I saw the Candy Corn flavored Oreos earlier this week and I wondered…why would they do that? Then I saw that M&M had hopped on the candy corn bandwagon too. How do you make chocolate taste like candy corn?  So I ran, well, drove slowly to my nearest Target and decided that I and anyone else in close proximity were going to try them.

First, the Oreos. Well let’s back up so I can tell you how disgustingly sweet my bag smelled leaving Target.  It was like I had walked through an overly aggressive perfume lady in a department store that had candy corn cologne (maybe that’s next). The smell wafted from my bag and permeated my nostrils even as I walked through the parking lot.  The Oreos give off this smell when you open the bag, heck, the candy corn smell seeps from the bag even when it is sealed.  Then you bite…and nothing. “That tastes like a birthday cake Oreo.”  This is what my son said.  They are cute with their orange and yellow filling and they are not any more disgusting than your average vanilla cookie filled with sugar cream, but candy corn flavored?  No, I don’t think so.

Now to the M&M’s.  I do enjoy M&M’s, especially peanut.  These were cute Fall colors and bigger than your standard M&M. I didn’t get an overwhelming scent of candy corn when I opened the bag and upon eating them all I could conjure was white chocolate easter bunny.

Overall, these do not taste anything like candy corn, oh and of course I bought a bag of candy corn purely for comparison research.  They weren’t panned as being bad by anyone who tried them except for me, but no one thought they tasted like candy corn.  Just another way to up sales by making something suddenly seasonal.

What’s the worst traditional food you’ve eaten that has been bastardized for a holiday?

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