Old Millstream Inn and Zac Brown Band

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You may be asking yourself what Old Millstream Inn has to do with Zac Brown Band. And you would be right to, as neither has anything to do with the other. At least not for you. On the other hand, for me and my wife Stephanie, it was the perfect combination for a night of super cool fun.

Old Millstream Inn Restaurant Historic St. Charles Restaurant

Old Millstream Inn is in Historic Downtown St. Charles. And for those of us in the burbs, HDSC really is the next best thing to the CWE or Soulard. It has all the charm and character of a small town main street with the hint of a big time personality. A personality that calls you in the way of fine dining or ruckus biker bars. Or the wee old nature of an Irish Pub or a good old sports bar. Shops of every kind extend the call, pulling at your curiosity no matter your personal taste. There are things for kids and adults alike. It’s just kind of cool.

For Stephanie and I, it was meant to be a quick meal before we set off for Verizon Wireless to see the Zac Brown Band. Quick it was not. But, care we did not. It was an amazing experience. We loved it.

The decor took me back to my childhood and my stepfather’s fascination with beer steins. This restaurant has German beer steins that lined what looked to be a hand-crafted shelf along the top wall all the way around the dining room. The beer menu was full of hoppy goodness and the food was an absolute killer delight. I went with the Spaten Oktoberfest and the aptly named Skull Splitter. For food, Stephanie had the Applewood Smoked Shrimp and I had the Gouda Stuffed Grilled Pork Loin. In an effort to keep this post under a thousand words – let’s just say everything was amazing. And, I would give this place my shout from the rooftop endorsement any day of the week. Go there. And eat and drink good. It’s well worth it.

Zac Brown Band

Now let’s start by getting one thing out-of-the-way. I am not a country music fan. So when my wife Stephanie suggested that she wanted to go to Zac Brown – I took great pause. I didn’t question it but I did pause. And in no way did I walk out of Verizon that night a changed man.

I will admit that I was more than impressed that this group of guys brought it in the way of attendance. When I compare it to Dave Matthews’ draw, I have to call it a lame second. Shame on all you DMB fans that stayed home that night. You made Zac Brown and his look like the massive mega super country stars that I suppose they rightfully are.

Star master country super g-tar pickers just don’t do it for me; although I will admit one sing-along slip that I experienced. I found myself taking the bait on the song Jump Right In. Mr. Zac Brown overtly trained the crowd before he and his band belted out this runaway hit. He told all of us – captive audience – that we had a part to sing. And, he lead us along like school children in music class.

It was a brainwashing of sorts and Mr. Brown has some crazy power to make his requests come true. About thirty seconds in – he did it – Jump Right In – pause – and what did all of us sheep do – bah – bah – bah. Yep – we fell right into the trap. Me included. JUMP RIGHT IN – at the top of my lungs. Not unlike the way I sang Go Fly A Kite or Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog back in the day. It was nuts.

To bring this to an end and to provide you with some sort of value – go eat at Old Millstream Inn in Historic Downtown St. Charles and watch out for the Hypnotic Mr. Zac Brown and his band as he has a power that gets you to Jump Right In.


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