What's a Real Housewife?

Mary Korte
3665 days ago.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure that they hide from others. Maybe it’s the ice cream in the back of the freezer, the romance novel, or the addiction to Angry Birds on the cell phone. Mine? Real Housewives on Bravo TV! Ok, they say admitting it is the first step right?

The whole “Real Housewives” franchise is the brain child of Andy Cohen, Bravo super executive and St. Louis Native! Go Andy! I don’t care which Real Housewives series it is, what city, county, or state they live in. I love them all! I have to admit that my favorites are the originals, the women of Orange County, as well as New Jersey and Atlanta. These women are soooo CRAZY!

The women of Orange County are the original Housewives! These guys started the franchise seven years ago and are still going strong. Led by the “OG of the OC” Vicki Gunvalson, this group is a blonde California botox fest! I must admit that I am writing this while watching the OC Reunion show and the term “cat fight” doesn’t do the dynamics justice. Seriously, how much more hypocritical can some of these women be? I must say I truly dig Briana, Vicki’s daughter, for sticking up to her mom. She clearly has her best interests at heart with the new deadbeat dad boyfriend Brooks. I agree Briana! He’s an opportunist and must GO!

Who’s side are you on?

I LOVE the Jersey ladies! Teresa Guidice is acting crazy this season. She hasn’t flipped a table-yet-but her denial of her actions is completely beyond comprehension! I always love me some Caroline Manzo though. She’s a straight forward, bulldog lady who is not going to take any crap from anyone.

What can I say about Atlanta? Nene is wild and nutty and so fun to watch! I can’t wait for their next season! Bring it on Housewives!

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