They’re Only Kids, It’s Only A Game, Umpires Are Only Human

Melissa Jensen
3713 days ago.

Every team has that parent that screams at the umpire, screams at his kid (and maybe the other kids too), spews negativity and behaves as if the entire rest of his own life depends on the outcome of this one little league game.

My step son is awesome. He plays select ball and last night at his game I couldn’t help but be appalled at the behavior of the coaches, fans and even the players of the opposing team, and it is our town, not theirs, that is known for having the rowdy fans.  The coach was warned, then the fans were warned, then their pitcher was warned, then the coach got benched, then the fans were warned again, then there were accusations that we paid off the ump with water, then the coach charged the field, got ejected from the game and lurked at the fence, then his player yelled at the ump, got warned, yelled at the ump again and finally got ejected from the game.  Just when we thought thank goodness the game is finally over, the coach reappeared on the field and yelled at the ump all the way to his car.  It was the most intense game I have ever seen.

It was embarrassing to watch and embarrassing for the kids to play. If my step son acted that way, I wouldn’t wait for the umpire to eject him. I would go out on the field and drag him in. I would have had to move off the bleachers if that were my team. Their poor sportsmanship was just too much.

The scene last night was pretty extreme, but this happens far too often in kids sports. When coaches and parents show such disrespect, it’s not surprising that the kids start joining in.  These same parents probably wonder why their kids lack respect for them and why they back talk and don’t listen.  It sets such a poor example for how to deal with losing, disagreeing, dealing with authority and letting the small stuff go.  We teach our children so many lessons through our actions; they are always watching, observing and learning.

They are only kids, this is just a game, the coaches volunteer, the umpires are only human and you don’t play for the Cardinals.

I don’t know what park it was that had this sign posted but I applaud them.

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Melissa Jensen

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