There Is More To This Weekend Than Nelly And Batman

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Half of St. Louis may attend one of five events this weekend.

Nelly plays Soldier’s Memorial on Saturday night as part of the Celebrate St. Louis Concert Series and The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters across St. Louis. Deadline Hollywood is saying that Dark Knight will do more than $19 million dollars worth of business in just the midnight shows that are being watched as I write this.  The Cardinals open up a three-game series with the Cubs tonight at Busch. Judging by the prices on Stubhub for the games, it seems like they will be well attended.

**No matter what you believe, thoughts and prayers to the victims and friends and families of the victims of the senseless shooting in Colorado.**

There are some other events going on around St. Louis this weekend you may not know about:

Junior Brown takes the stage at Beale On Broadway at 10pm on Saturday night. Tickets are $22 apparently.  I remember seeing Junior on the outdoor stage at Union Station 15 years or so ago with my parents. That was back when hotel workers sent tourists there to actually shop, not as some cruel joke.  The man plays a guit-steel. And of course he has this awesome video:

The Library Annex is having “Country Night” tonight from 9pm-3am. Local artist Marybeth Johnson will perform from 9p-11p and then apparently a DJ will be “spinning your favorite country tunes” from 11pm-3am. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the DJ spins awful “dance mix” versions of country songs. Here’s some video of Marybeth Johnson. Notice it is most definitely her with a full set-up playing in someone’s driveway. This is the tipping point that is getting me to drive out and see her tonight.

Here’s a video of Marybeth singing an original song of hers at a slightly more upscale establishment.

Other than concerts, here are some other things happening:

Before going to see the opening night of Dreamgirls at The Muny on Monday, I don’t think I remember ever seeing a show there. The show was pretty cool to see even though we were way in the back in the free seats. The Post-Dispatch had great things to say about it. The show goes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:15pm each evening.

If you’re a female or shopping for one and happen to be downtown later today, you need to hit up Handmade Happy Hour outside the Miss Ohio Vintage shop at 13th and Washington. 5p-9p. Check it out:

One thing that won’t be happening this weekend is anything related to the Barcyle, as the their business license has now been taken away by the City. Follow that crazy tale of government inefficiency over at

No matter what you decide to do this weekend, stay fly and party like a rockstar.

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