Magic Mike

4077 days ago.

I have only been to the movies once in the past two years, and I love the movies! The problem is that the movies I like are not exactly kid friendly…and I have a kid.

I was recently visiting my family in Texas and my mom suggested we go to the movies since I had a babysitter (thank-you shout out to my brother and his girlfriend).

She made the suggestion we go see Magic Mike and I said “Yes Please”! Then I thought, is it weird that I am going to see a movie about strippers with my mom? But in the end I decided it would be no big deal.

We arrived at the theater and to my amazement there were actually a few men in the theater. One guy caught my attention right away. It was a cowboy bringing his wife and two kids to see Magic Mike. All I could think was, does he know what this movie is about? It turns out he didn’t because he was sitting right next to us in the theater, and I could see him shaking his head on occasion.

My mom and I really liked the movie. She kept saying “Oh, that’s the guy from Trueblood, look it’s Blaine’s brother from Glee, that is Channing Tatum…(you get what I’m saying). I guess she didn’t realize they were all in the movie. I need to add that she was not quiet about saying any of this in the theater, either. All in all, it was really great to get out and go to the movies, and it didn’t hurt that there was some stripping involved.

The movie was good. Mostly for the dancing and stripping, but I thought the acting was good as well…although I know not many people are going to see the movie just for the acting.

When I arrived back in St. Louis my sister-in-law called and asked if I wanted to go out for drinks and to see Magic Mike. Two girls nights in 10 days! It didn’t even matter to me that they were to the same movie, so of course I said Yes!

And it was just as good the second time…

Have you seen Magic Mike? What did you think?

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