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Melissa Jensen
4331 days ago.

I’m not getting out for a good sit down lunch as often as I’d like with the busy season at work and staples that I love to eat again and again, but I will make more of an effort.  There are still so many places to try.

I’d heard nothing but good things about Bailey’s Range and their outside picnic tables.  Plus, their involvement in the downtown community beckoned me to give them a try.  Once inside the place is visual overload.  I love the wall of old windows that separates the kitchen from the main restaurant, the milk can lights, and in the center of their long, thin dining establishment; a huge community table.

On to the food: They have two specialties and focus almost exclusively on them; burgers and shakes.  The burgers are insane in variety and flavor. For example: Buzzed – an espresso rubbed burger topped with apples, diced onions, bacon and blue cheese or try Morocco – Moroccan spiced lamb, caramelized onion chutney, feta and arugula.  I had the veggie burger topped with apple jalapeno salsa on a vegan pretzel bun. YUM!  Each week they have a burger battle. The one that gets ordered more stays on to fight another week.

I paired my burger with one of the absolutely, totally amazing selection of sodas.  Most are made with real cane sugar.  They have pretty much anything you could think of, divided on the menu by flavor: Root Beer, Lemon Lime, Ginger, Cola… it goes on and on. I plan to make it back for dinner one of these nights to try out the Boozy Lemonade I saw on the menu. They also have an extensive list of bottled beers.

They have hand-made ice cream that is scooped or made into shakes, and while it looks amazing, I must admit I didn’t try it.  I didn’t see any dairy free options but I may have missed them based on the fact that they have vegan chocolate sauce, and why would anyone put vegan chocolate on top of traditional ice cream?

These are the same owners as Bailey’s Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square. So if you like that, try this out for sure.  I give this place high marks for atmosphere and the food.


920 Olive St.

St. Louis, MO 63101

Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 1am and Sunday 11am – Midnight

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