Why is there no Flag Day fairy?

4007 days ago.

I was recently approached by my 10 year old son who told me what he hoped the Easter bunny would bring him.  I was quite surprised, first of all, that he still believes in the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, etc. I found myself dashing to the store the night before to get an Easter basket and goodies to fill it with to keep his dream alive.

My question is this: Who created these magical, mysterious people in the first place?  Don’t get me wrong…I love the magical part of the holidays, but come on!  At what age does this typically stop?!  Why don’t we have a Flag Day fairy, or how about a Memorial Day mouse??  I just don’t get it.  Like I said, I’m a fan of the holidays but for crying out loud, a person could go broke trying to keep these dreams alive!

Don’t forget, Flag Day is June 14th!

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