Zoo Zoo's and Wham Wham's

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Many of you will be taking Summer road trips with your families. The best part about road trips are the snacks that make those long trips worth the while. Well…have I got a snack for you! Some of you may have heard of it, it’s called Zoo zoos and wham whams! Zoo zoos and wham whams are my kids’ favorite snack. It’s been a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Here is the recipe:

Start with a big paper bag (paper grocery bags are the best!). It’s so simple, just dump the following ingredients into this bag and shake!

1 bag of cheddar munchies

1 bag of cheddar sun chips

1 bag of white cheddar popcorn

1 bag of cheesy Red Hot Riplets chips

1 bag of Red Hot Riplets chips

1 bag of barbecue chips

1 bag of Hot Diggety’s

1 bag of Cheese Puffs

1 bag of Fritos (Hot)

1 bag of plain Lay’s chips

1 bag of pretzels

Take all these ingredients and shake, shake, shake! Sounds simple, but it tastes awesome! The brown paper bag should be kept in the front seat and served by the passenger in the front. Zoo zoos should be scooped out of the brown paper bag with a red plastic cup and served to the passengers in the back, left side first. Person in the second row is responsible for passing it to the person in the rear of the vehicle. Zoos zoos are best served with orange or grape Vess sodas. This is a must! It only takes about 10 minutes before your family will be asking for refills! Have a safe fun trip and get your munch on!


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