What's Your Neuro?

Keith Moore
4369 days ago.

So for the past few months I’ve been harping about getting healthy in 2012 and giving you all kinds of health tips and reviews of diet fads and other useful information.  This week I would like to keep with tradition and tell you about a nifty new product I have found and absolutely LOVE and enjoy and I am certain you will too!  Get ready for Neuro

Neuro is a water based product that is deemed “The Operating System for Life”.  They have several different types of Neuro Water each carries its own benefit and purpose.  I am going to review a few of these that I have tried and encourage you to check out their website to see the full line of products they offer.

Neuro Sleep – This is first on the list because it is the first one I came across.  It’s a brightly colored orange bottle shaped similar to a lava lamp.  The principle behind Neuro Sleep is that it helps you fall asleep and stay asleep the natural way and you awake feeling refreshed and well rested.  I can attest to you that this does indeed work.  I drank my first bottle of Neuro Sleep several weeks ago and had one of the best nights sleep I had gotten in a long time.  I woke up bright eyed and not groggy and felt like I really got good solid sleep!  So if you are someone who finds it difficult to hit the pillow at night, or are a toss and turner, check out Neuro Sleep, it may just be the thing your tired body and mind need!

Neuro Bliss– This was the second product I tried from the Neuro line up.  Neuro Bliss is a lightly carbonated bottle of happiness.  The benefit to Neuro Bliss is that it helps elevate your mood, enhances positive thinking and gives you an overall sense of happiness and calm.  One sip of this bubbly beverage and you will feel not only your taste buds perk up, but you can’t help to put a smile on your face!  A bottle of Neuro Bliss is the perfect cure to those stressful Monday blues that we all get, or for any time when you need a positive pick me up!

Neuro Trim– I recently drank a bottle of Neuro Trim and while I wasn’t instanly skinny, the ingredient in Neuro Trim is a soluble fiber that helps curb your appetite as well as promote healthy digestion.  It is non-carbonated so it won’t leave you with a bloated feeling.  This would be a product I would think you would benefit most from by drinking it every day, if not multiple times per day, at least 1 hour prior to your mealtime each day per the directions.  Neuro Trim is a slimmer you inside every bottle!

Neuro Sonic – Finally on our tour we have Neuro Sonic.  This deep red colored bottle is for energy and mental performance enhancement.  It allegedly makes your mind more alert and provides you with sustaining energy when you need your mind the most.  It is not an energy drink however it does contain the same amount of caffeine as about 3 cups of tea, but the main ingredient L-Theanine can mitigate the usual side affects of heavy caffeine consumption so you get the benefit without the jitters.  Put on your thinking cap and down a bottle of Neuro Sonic and who knows what your mind will conceive!

Neuro also offer Neuro Sun, Neuro Passion, Neuro Aquaand Neuro Sport, each with its own purpose and benefit.  I came across this product at Dierbergs after I decided to kick the soda habit altogether and was looking for an acceptable water substitute.  On the website you can use the locator to find the store nearest you that carries Neuro as well as download a Finder App on your smartphone to find Neuro on the go – or you can order them by clicking on our affiliate links above!  It should be noted that Neuro water products are not 0 calorie, most have about 35 calories per bottle.

“Neuro Drinks™ offer consumers an alternative to products that perpetuate our self-medicating sugar-dependent society. Designed to sustain and enhance your active lifestyle with natural ingredients, each beverage is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals at dosages backed by scientific research. Just real results — no marketing hype.” – Diana Jenkins – Founder

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a unique, tasty and life enhancing nutritional supplement.  Especially if you have had it with soda and sugar laden drinks that offer no nutritional value and add to your waistline.  Find the nearest Neuro supplier near you and take the Neuro challenge, your body and your life will thank you for it!  If you have tried it and are a fan, what’s your neuro?  Enjoy!

That’s all I have for today!  Remember no matter what you do, keep it safe and keep it healthy! 2012 is the year for you!  Know before you go, knowledge is power!

Stay tuned for next time, we’re going to visit the world of “Insanity” and give you an inside look into this new workout trend that is sweeping the nation……

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Keith Moore

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