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Yesterday, the St. Louis Public Library system kicked off their Pageturners reading club, which runs until August 7th. Sign up at any SLPL branch and get a bookmark to record all of the books and magazines you read or listen to between now and August 7th. Turn the bookmark in when you get to 10 and you’ll receive a “roll-up blanket” and be entered to win fabulous prizes. Everything is better when you get rewarded for doing it.

The stuff you read can be from anywhere, not just the library. You could get it from your favorite local book store, read it on your Kindle, borrow it from Grandma, or just buy it from any of our Amazon affiliate links below. If you are in the St. Louis metro area, but not within the city, check with your library and see if they have a program like SLPL.  Did you know that a lot of libraries in the area have reciprocal agreements with each other?

Not a reader? Here’s why you should be. Too busy to read? Get over yourself. Quit complaining that you are too busy, you aren’t and no one wants to hear you try to justify your existence. Here are some authors that will get you through those 10 books before The Campaign comes out.

Anything by James Rollins: Did you like The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown?  I bet you love most of the stuff by Rollins.  The name on the jacket is actually the pen name of James Czajkowski, a Veterinarian who attended Mizzou before setting up a practice in California. I suggest the first book you pick up by him should be Amazonia. He has five other action adventure novels  as well that all paint scenes and adventures that would easily make better movies than 85% of what comes to theaters now. Recently, he has started a series of books centered around the Sigma Force, which is a team of scientists with ridiculous military training as best as I can put it. While they aren’t as cool to me as his first books, I still make it a point to read them.

Speaking of Dan Brown: You may have read Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons, but do yourself a favor and pick up Digital Fortress and Deception Point.

Anything by James Patterson: If you couldn’t tell, I’m not exactly an expert on the traditional literary classics. That might be why I appreciate James Patterson. I would suggest anything featuring Alex Cross, the D.C. detective played by Morgan Freeman in the Kiss The Girls movie. Cross has been the main character in 20 Patterson books since 1993. One of the reasons Patterson has 102 books to his name is because he co-authors a lot of books. These books aren’t deep in really any way, but they are fun quick reads. Check out Step On A Crack, or Private.

Everything by Vince Flynn: Vince Flynn has authored 12 books centered on Mitch Rapp, a man that every proud American should pray is fighting for our country while we sleep. I just finished American Assassin, which tells the story of how Rapp went from stud NCAA lacrosse talent to defending America against its craziest enemies. While Term Limits isn’t a Rapp book, it may be Vince Flynn’s best work.

Everything by Lee Child: I actually met Lee Child when he came to speak at the Schlafly library branch in the CWE in 2010. By “met”, I apparently stood next to him in the crowded room before he spoke. His creation, Jack Reacher, is an ex-military cop who is now essentially a drifter. All of his books have seen their movie options snapped up.  Tom Cruise will play Reacher in the adaptation of One Shot, currently shooting.

All done with your 10 by August?  Check out one of these authors: Alex Berenson, Brian Haig, David Baldacci, Stephen Frey

Not in to the fiction business?  I really enjoyed Dreams From My Father and Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama even though I would consider myself a Conservative. Decision Points by George W. Bush is also on my list to read. I saw the book, Mr. President yesterday and that looks interesting too. Starting The Hunger Games or A Song of Fire and Ice trilogies would be a good plan.

These books not your thing? Go read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Bring one of those misting fans.

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