Mom: Thank you for being Disappointed

Mike Brewer
2842 days ago.

When I think of the word mother, I don’t conjure up thoughts of a woman in the flesh but rather the raising [Read: Mothering] that woman does to evolve ones naivety of the world to his/her wit and wisdom about the world. I think of the tenderness with which she nurses bumps and bruises. I think of the wherewithal that she uses to guide ‘too big for his/her britches’ moments. I think of constant motion, constant course correction and constant love even in the most dire of circumstance. But, most of all, I think of the disappointment(s).

Mom Builds Character

I grew up in a broken home. Nothing novel by any stretch of the imagination but not a childhood I would wish upon anyone. Despite the circumstance there was always one constant – Mom. She was there to pick up the pieces. She was the facilitator, the mediator and the peace negotiator. She endured long work days only to have them give way to the work of running a home. She made it warm and fun. She worked to provide. She was proud. And, semi-regrettably, she was often disappointed.

When I reflect back, ironically those moments of disappointment mean the most to me. Seeing disappointment in my mother’s eyes is how I learned to be kind. I learned to be forgiving. I learned that keeping my word is worth its weight in gold. I learned forgiveness. I learned to understand what I believe and I learned to stand strong for it. I learned to open the car door for the woman in my life. I learned that the bill for the date is mine to pay. I learned that – yes, please and thank you – go along way in good relations. I learned that honesty breeds courage. And, mis-truths breed discord. I learned that the needs of others many times come first. I learned that hard work brings good luck. I learned that integrity matters. And, I learned that reputation moves mountains – provided it’s a good one.

Thank you for being Disappointed

While I am not batting 1000 in all of the above, I do cherish the wit and the wisdom of the mothering that I experienced. And, on this Mother’s Day to come, I say, with love, care and respect – Thank You for standing firm in your disappointment(s) – Mom. They helped me be a better me.

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