Lunching in the Loft District – Mr. Curry's Indian Buffet

Melissa Jensen
4140 days ago.

It’s been awhile since my last review, so for those who aren’t familiar with my Lunching in the Loft District series, check out my previous reviews. Now on to today’s review: Mr. Curry’s Indian Buffet

Ok, this one is seriously for lunch only.  The hours are Monday – Friday from 11:00am – 1:30pm.  While that may seem really restrictive, I kind of like the idea that the food could sit out on the buffet the entire time they are open and still be considered relatively fresh.

Mr. Curry’s is a small place located across from Macy’s on Olive.  They have a pretty good selection although I went on Tuesday, which is advertised as Vegan Day, and most of the options were still for carnivores.   The naan was vegan which can be hard to find so that is a definite plus to those wanting vegan options.  It wasn’t very crowded, though it was 1:00pm which is on the later side for lunch down here.

I enjoyed it. I can’t say it was outstanding but it did fill the craving for Indian food that I had been having all morning.  Buffet plus drink was $9.95 which isn’t bad though I would like to eat on a real plate instead of styrofoam (maybe I’m just picky).

They also have a fine dining location in Edwardsville which is the only Indian food in Edwardsville that I am aware of.  I won’t say anything about that location. If you are local to Edwardsville you must try this yourself with no warning as to what to expect, and by the way, the food is good there.

Mr. Curry’s

612 Olive St.

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