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I can’t get enough of a TV show I recently was introduced to, Sherlock Holmes. Now this isn’t old school Sherlock or the movies with my dear heartthrob Robert Downey, Jr. No, this is series created by the BBC staring Benedict Cumberbatch (how much more British sounding can you get?) and is a mystery roller coaster ride from the moment it starts!

This Sherlock is set in modern day Great Britain. It takes many of the old themes and puts a great turn on them into modern day. Sherlock is still the go-to guy for any case that is difficult, quirky, or simply out of everyone else’s league! At his best, Sherlock plays on our basic fears, exploring age old conspiracies using modern day technological advances. His long suffering sidekick, Dr. Watson, is an Army doctor and Afghanistan war veteran. His character is in his own right brilliant and oh so patient! Thankfully, Dr. Watson’s humanity acts as a foil to the complete lack of emotion that is Sherlock Holmes. The keen and always uber observant Holmes cares not about how his observations shock, hurt, or humiliate those around him. In essence, he is the king of the social faux pas, something he wouldn’t get away with if he wasn’t so damn brilliant!

The only bad thing I can say about this show is that the BBC only makes 3 shows for each season! (Ok, so each show is 90 minutes, but still…) It’s like giving someone crack and then taking it away! Season One & Two are both available on Amazon so you can get your fix. I didn’t say it was new, I said I just found it. Ok, I’m behind the times, so sue me.

You’ve got to love the BBC. God Save the Queen and Sherlock Holmes! What’s your favorite TV show out there now?

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