Watch out Netflix, my Amazon Prime account just got cooler

Melissa Jensen
2720 days ago.

I do not hide my love for Amazon, finding books, buying massive amounts of books and general shopping.  I buy so much from Amazon that I have had a Prime Membership for several years.  Just in case you don’t know; with a Prime Membership you pay $79.00 per year and get free 2 day shipping on anything with the blue Prime logo and reduced cost on overnight shipping.  Type just about anything in the search bar on Amazon and you will find it:  I’ve bought parts for my vacuum cleaner, a new shelf for my fridge, clothes, games, coffee grinder, Cardinals themed UNO game, and food. There is so much and each time more and more stuff is eligible for Prime shipping.

Now to the crux of what has become so over the top amazing about a website that I am already totally in love with.  FREE streaming of 17,000 titles of movies and t.v. shows!!!  That’s right, they recently struck a deal with Discovery Networks to add more titles.   Let’s do the math:  you are a broke college student and you have a roommate. That comes out to $39.50 per person for a year of free t.v. or $3.29 per month.  Take that Netflix and cable and U-verse.  Plus, you don’t have to deal with getting those annoying letters about how you’ve illegally downloaded content.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the limitations. You can’t watch as much as you can on Netflix yet, etc, etc.  I just know that the Prime Membership was already worth the money and so this is just a really awesome bonus.

P.S. If you’re into that kind of thing you can also “borrow” a bunch of books for your Kindlefor free with Amazon Prime.

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