One Man, Three St. Louis Food Challenges

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Randy Santel currently resides in Overland Park, Kansas, but he has made a name for himself here in St. Louis. He had already capped off a hat trick of St. Louis food challenges by conquering challenges at Crown Candy, Pointer’s Pizza, and Surf Dogs Grill when he returned to Crown Candy recently with Tim Ezell from Fox 2. He had previously downed the shakes in 4 minutes and 50 seconds,

This time around,  he shattered the previous record for the challenge.


Did you hear that time? 2 minutes and 29 seconds. That doesn’t mean anything to you? Adam Richman of Man vs Food fame couldn’t handle the 120 ounces of milkshake in 30 minutes. Randy flipped his hat around, pressed play on the iPod and did work on this challenge that over 1,000 people have tried and under 50 have completed.

For the Pointersauraus Challenge at Pointer’s, Randy, or “Atlas” as he uses in the videos, brings along a sidekick to help eat the 28″ monster pizza. They become one of 16 teams to complete the challenge.  Randy then asks what’s for dessert before accepting the $500 check that each winning team receives.

The third challenge in this little hat trick is one that is a favorite of mine. When I worked in Chesterfield, I found this awesome hot dog and hamburger place called Surf Dogs in Chesterfield Valley. I ate there so much right after they opened, I probably paid a month of their rent. The owner, Brian, couldn’t help but talk to me. It was like I bought a friend. One day, we ended up talking about the need for a food challenge at Surf Dogs.  Originally, Surf Dogs had 10 different dogs on their menu. Each one had different toppings, ranging from the typical in chili, cheese, and slaw to 1,000 Island dressing and sauerkraut. The unnaturally green relish from Chicago is also available. My picture is actually still on the wall as the 10th member of the “Hang 10” club, which means I ate all 10 dogs, just not in one sitting.  It was more like a week.

We decided that if someone could eat all 10 in a set amount of time, they deserve an award.  We brainstormed, and the “Big Kahuna Challenge” was born. Eat the original 10 dogs in under 30 minutes and you win. Prior to “Atlas” sitting down in the challenge chair, the record for all 10 dogs was 10 minutes and 55 seconds.  Randy demolished that record by swallowing his last bite at the 5:54 mark.

A new challenge was born that day.  Mr. Surf Dog decided that if Randy could eat all 14 specialty dogs that were currently on their menu in under 42 minutes, he would get to design and name the 15th dog on the menu. His time for all 14 dogs? 10 minutes and 15 seconds.  I recently tried his creation, “Randy Santel’s Atlas Dog”. It is nothing short of amazing. Watch the end of the video to see it.

Impressed? Check out the records currently held by American Joey Chestnut, currently ranked #1 in the world by the International Federation of Competitive Eating.

Also, check out this article on Randy from that explains why he was in St. Louis and what he is up to next.

Would you ever take on a food challenge? What would it be?  Maybe garlic knots from Epic Pizza? Fried Twinkies from Hamburger Mary’s?

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