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Melissa Jensen
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Three things first:

1.  I just don’t get Pinterest.  Maybe because to me it is an arts and crafts website.  Maybe because I just don’t have the patience to make my own laundry detergent, or bake cookies shaped like stars and then spend hours with my kids assembling a correct solar system.  My list of places I want to see is stored in my head. I don’t need a reminder and I don’t need you to know my dreams.

2. I have always wanted to be a part of a google beta test!  I love google and I just simply think they are awesome! (Ryan I took all the extra exclamation points out just for you, but there were about 10 originally so your post worked)

3. I am always looking for unique things to do or just ideas for what to do.  I don’t watch sports, I don’t do crafts and I’ve lived in the St. louis area a long time so a lot of the regular things I’ve already done many times over.

I’ve finally been invited to do a beta test for Google and it’s for a new and different social network (I tried google+ but was really disappointed. People just didn’t make the jump).  This one is more like Pinterest, meaning that it is more about the content than the personal connections, without the crafts and such, but it does appear to really be an add-on for Google+.

The site is schemer.com and it is a user-generated list of cool things to do.  You can pick your favorite interests to get a customized list.  You can also search by area, such as St. Louis, or within a category for a certain area.  When you find something that looks interesting just click on it to add it to the list of things you want to do.  When your friends are on there they can become your accomplices and you can check out what your friends are doing or want to do.  It will also tell you who in your area wants to do the same thing.

There are ideas for date nights, places to eat and cool stuff to do.  It has some major downsides.  It may improve with more members but right now the categories are really lacking substance.  I can think of several hundered things that really need to be added.  Another issue: many of the items are very vague you can’t really tell what they are intending for you to do.  With more people in your real life group it could be a way to just put it out there that you want to do something, but  I honestly haven’t found much of a reason to go back to the site since signing up.  Maybe with more users it will improve.

With my invite came the opportunity to invite 20 others to join me on the site, so if you are interested let me know in the comments below and I can get you the link.  I’d love to see some friends on there so we can be inspired together.

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