Earth Day 2012

Melissa DeCicco
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Saving the planet, one person, one ‘green’ act at a time. Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, 2012 at Forest Park from 11:00 to 6:00. Mills is participating and will be located in the Homes section.  We have fabulous t-shirts, koozies, and bags to give away and a great new Lovin the Lou contest that will be starting that day – so stay tuned for that! On the back of our t-shirts, we are asking earth day-goers to tell us what they are personally doing to help be a superhero for the planet and it got me thinking…what are some easy things that we could slip in to our daily routines that can really make a difference?  After all, we only have one planet Earth and I would like to keep it 🙂  So I have found a few products that I will begin to purchase to start my green transformation (and hopefully yours)- here they are in no particular order:

gDiapers Covers& gDiapers Refills

Baby products have recently consumed my life and I am not the type to use cloth diapers because I get a little grossed out.  This is the perfect solution!  These are 100% biodegradable and you can even flush them if you so choose – AmAZING!  And, they are super cute – double bonus folks.  (I am accepting donations :))

BioBag Tall Kitchen Compostable Bags

These little beauties are 100% certified compostable. And it is a super easy way to go a little more green! So for $20 you get 48 bags…not a bad deal.

Seventh Generation Products

This company works really hard to help the environment. Great mission and values and their products seem reasonable in price.  Everything from cleaning to baby stuff available.

PUR Water Filters

Most people are concerned with how healthy tap water really is and in the interest of going green, always purchasing water in the plastic bottles is not super Earth-friendly. So one of my favorites is the PUR water dispenser. You can always refill your favorite logo water bottle with this clean water and help the environment too. Why not, right?

Belkin Conserve Power Switch

This I just thought was cool. You can keep your counter top or other items plugged in all the time but just flip a switch on this power switch so that the items don’t draw power all day and waste energy.  And, it keeps your counter looking organized. Pretty easy solution.

These are just a few of my recent finds to start me off on my green kick.  Do you have any favorite items that you use to help save the planet?  Please share!

Check out our affiliate links above or the Earth Day Store!over at amazon to get your green on!

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