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I love to travel! However, I’ve never been a fan of driving for long periods of time. My biggest fear is to fall asleep at the wheel. I would much rather take a plane to my destination. Its been said that planes are safer than driving. You have a greater chance at dying from a car crash than in a plane. Recently I went on a road trip with my husband and my son. We took a college road trip to Ohio Wesleyan University. This is my son’s school of choice for his college career. It’s a long 7hr. drive from St. Louis to Ohio. My husband who works rotating shifts for Anheuser Busch, took the first driving shift. Due to his crazy work schedule, I knew he wouldn’t be able to last very long. After about 2 1/2 hrs. he was ready to release the steering wheel over to me. I always get a little nervous before taking the wheel. After all, I’m carrying precious cargo….my family! The first 2 hrs. were fine, but soon after I began to feel my eyelids getting a little heavy.

I think there’s something about those little white lines that hypnotize you into the need for a deep sleep.

In an effort to make it safely to Ohio, I used the following road trip remedies:

1. Turned up the a/c

2. Loud Music

3. Singing (that will also help keep your passengers awake)

4. Splashing cold water on your face

5. Stretching your eyelids

6. Twisting in your seat

7. Rolling down the windows

8. Adjusting the seat

9. An ocassional pit stop to get out and stretch

These things allowed me to make it those last 3hrs. Is there an art to driving for long periods of time? I know there are some who fear plan rides and routinely choose to drive. What do you do when your road trip is over 7hrs.?

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