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I would say NBC’s “The Voice” is my guilty pleasure, but when you own both a “Rent” and “Footloose” poster, you can’t really have guilty pleasures anymore as a guy. I know pretty much nothing about music other than I like country. I could do a post about who I think will win season 2, but that would be like me writing a restaurant review and expecting you to see me as a food critic. Instead, I will just type words of praise and random knowledge while also embedding videos of people from this season.

Adley Stump: Cute sorority girl from Oklahoma State?  I was hooked.  It’s too bad she lost in the Battle Round to Rae Lynn.  I was hoping to see her knock out some Miranda Lambert later in the show, but here’s a video of her “gettin’ down”. Because I wish I was still at Mizzou and because I think this may have been the moment that encouraged her to try signing, here’s a sweet Adley video.  It’s a skit that her Pi Beta Phi girls performed with Alpha Gamma Rho at Oklahoma State.  She comes on at the 2:20 mark. She’s only singing for a minute or so, but if you have the time, the rest of the video was enjoyable for me also.

Angie Johnson: Local lady who first came to fame with her military band, Sidewinder, singing “Rolling In The Deep”. Also eliminated in the Battle Round unfortunately.

Nicolle Galyon: I think I am in love. Her audition was great and her little brother was even cooler in it. In doing sufficient internet stalking, I found out that she is a fairly successful song writer in Nashville.  She wrote two of the songs on the debut cd for Lauren Alaina, the American Idol runner-up from last year and Josh Kelley cut one of hers as well. Funny story is her and Raelynn, who I mentioned earlier, are great friends.  Here’s their story. . . in a rap:

Pip: I thought he looked familiar.  He tried out for “The Glee Project” on Oxygen last year which I got sucked into.  He made the Top 25, but got the boot in the first episode. Here he is a little awkward in a cover video he made:

Jamie Lono: The guy probably makes an excellent sandwich, but his rendition of Folsom Prison Blues was the Here he is playing the Garth Brooks’ classic from Hope Floats “To Make You Feel My Love”

Mathai: The first couple notes, I thought she reminded me of Xenia from last season. I think Mathai could have some really fun performances if she goes far. Check out this cover she did. Mainly notice the whistling dude.

Charlotte Sometimes wins for Best Name. Erin Martin has a crazy voice. It’ll be cool to see what she can do with other songs. James Massone has a cool story, but I don’t think he will get past the Battle Round.

What are your thoughts?

Remember to catch “The Voice” on Mondays at 7pm

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