Where have all the manners gone?

4211 days ago.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others.”

Perhaps I am in the wrong generation, or I was brought up differently but I can’t help to notice that common manners have been lacking in the world lately.

This whole blog idea came to me after I experienced such frustration recently that I needed a way to express my distaste.

A couple weeks ago I was attending a good friend’s father’s funeral. The ceremony ended and we all loaded into our cars to start the funeral procession. Leading from the church, the first stop light we come to has 2 police officers blocking traffic. I remember thinking, “Wow, this is great!”  Well that was short lived. It was insane to see the number of people who cut into our line and proceeded to drive in between. Let me make it known that there were 2 lanes so it was not necessary to be in our lane. I guess this was always a manner that was instilled in me ever since I received my license. To show my respect, I pull over and allow the procession to proceed with no interruptions. I surely do not cut in between them!


I decided to compile a list of manners that should, again, have more emphasis.

  • Holding doors open. This does not just apply for ladies. Doors should be held for those whom are following you closely. This is a sign of good manners.
  • Pull over for emergency vehicles.
  • Please/Thank you/You’re welcome. These go so far and they take no effort. Also, your character can be misconstrued if you choose to not use these simple words. People lacking manners generally avoid these terms.
  • Eye contact. I know this is harder for some than others. But it shows the person you are speaking to that you are involved in the conversation.
  • Phone manners. There is a time and a place to speak on your phone. When you are in a check- out line, put your phone down, finish your transaction and then resume your conversation.
  • Acknowledge when someone lets you out in traffic. A simple wave will suffice.
  • Remove your hat during the National Anthem. For goodness sake! If you live in the USA, this song should mean something to you. Not to mention if you have ever fought, or know someone who has fought for this country. This song is for all of us. Show your respect, use your manners and remove your hat.

Am I expecting too much? Or are there some I missed?

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