St. Louis Stout and Oyster Festival!

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I attended this shindig last year and it was a really fun time. I ate oysters at DeMun Oyster bar in Clayton (they’re not participating in the festival this year) and at Schlafly Tap Room.

oysters2 The set up at Schlafly is really cool. They line up a raw oyster bar along the wall upstairs with a variety of oysters from all over and you get to pick which ones you want and they tell you about them, like if they’re really salty or bland or whatever. I believe you can also order fried oysters from the bar downstairs separately. Along with the oysters of course comes the beer. They’ll be serving 3 types of beer to pair with the oysters this year: Oatmeal, Coffee and Nitro Irish Stouts. And of course the live music.

2012 Schlafly Stout and Oyster Festival

Schlafly Tap Room at 2100 Locust in downtown St. Louis

Friday, March 9th from 5pm to Midnight. Duddy Breeks performs from 5-7pm. Bottle Brown Fever performs from 7:30-10pm

Saturday, Mach 10th from 11am to Midnight. Rusty Nail performs from 2-5pm. Gumbohead performs from 6-9pm

While I strongly recommend visiting Schlafly Tap Room for their oyster festivities, there are other restaurants participating in the event as well so if you want to plan on an oyster-only diet this weekend, here’s where you can also find them:

SqWires Resturant at 1415 S 18th Street

You can hit up SqWires tonight (that’s Thursday for those of you who can’t keep track). Starting at 5:30pm, they will offer a 4-Way oyster buffet which includes BBQ oysters, fried oysters, oyster stew, oyster grinders and salad for $29 and oysters on the half shell at $1.75 each. They’ll also have live music by Mayor Taylor.**Reservations are required so call ahead.

Lastly, where to go on Sunday?

oyster shooter

Vin de Set at 2017 Chouteau. They will be hosting their part of the festival which is Oysters 5 Ways starting at 4pm on Sunday, March 11th. What’s best about this part of the festival is that they’ll have oyster shooters! Along with the shooters, they’ll have them raw, fried, Rockefeller, and grilled.

This is probably my favorite festival of the year. Sadly I can’t attend this year, but awesomely for me, I’ll be in a state much closer to the coast that has amazing oysters all year round so don’t worry about me, I’ll be creating my own mini-oyster festival!


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