Love, Loss and Family

Melissa Jensen
4227 days ago.

First, a thank you to those who helped out and gave me the ability to get to visit with my husband’s family this past week.  Your efforts are very appreciated.

It was almost exactly a year ago when I was writing a post about my grandmother losing her battle with cancer.  It’s such a hard fight and watching someone you love lose the battle is heart wrenching.  So many people can identify, so many have been there.

I went on a journey with my husband and his sisters this past weekend to visit and say goodbye to their young cousin.  To see someone so young suffer so much takes your breath away, fills the heart with an aching that cannot be adequately described.  To watch a family come together in such a hard time is amazing.

You look around and so many things drive us apart:  fear, hate, misunderstanding,  pride, heartbreak…. it’s easy sometimes to get caught up in the divisions, what makes us different and sets us apart.  It’s a wonderful experience to have a reminder of what brings us together and binds us: tradition, love and especially family.  The Jensen family is amazing and I feel privileged to have been welcomed into your homes and lives during such a difficult time.  I am humbled by the grace and strength of a mother losing a daughter, siblings losing their sister.

You can read Claire’s story here.  She lost her battle early this morning.  May we all look around today and be reminded of the love that surrounds us and the strength of family no matter the hardship.


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