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Melissa DeCicco
3789 days ago.

St. Louis was buzzing this weekend with college basketball fans from around the country…well North Carolina, Ohio, and Kansas – close enough.  I was lucky enough to attend both days of games and had a fantastic time.  More exciting was to see downtown so full of people experiencing our city for the first time.  It made me wonder, how do they view St. Louis before they visit and after?  Is our city lovable to outsiders visiting the first time or are we an acquired taste?  Either way, amazing games, especially for any KU fans out there.

A crucial part of going to college basketball games is where to go to pre-party given that in general admission seats at NCAA games they don’t serve alcohol. And more importantly where to get some tasty food before you order traditional stadium food, which is also a necessity.  So I visited two new establishments and really loved them both.

Friday destination: Three Sixty rooftop bar at the Hilton downtown.  Everyone should check this place out at least once.  If nothing else, just for the view.  It would be a great place to go before or even during a Cardinal game with it’s clear view of the stadium!  Second reason to go there is the food.  They have an amazing menu that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a bar.  The sliders are incredible.  The drinks are a little pricey, but worth it.

Sunday destination: Epic Pizza and Subs in Soulard.  Really enjoyed this place.  It is really laid back and has a pretty cool menu.  I actually didn’t try the pizza or the subs but LOVED the EPIC burger.  The sauce and the sauteed onions on the burger are AmaZing and they have a tasty seasoning on the fries.  In addition, a very special treat are the cupcakes which I wasn’t expecting.  The owner’s wife actually makes the cupcakes herself and I have heard from people with expertise in cupcake cuisine that they are fantastic.  The cupcakes on Sunday were buttermilk banana pancake muffins with maple cinnamon bacon creme cheese icing and a lovely bacon topper (see photo –>).  I think the flavors vary by day so you always get a fun surprise.  You can also take your food or cupcake over to iTap which is literally attached.  Which brings me to the alcohol.  They have a few beers on tap (and actually recommend an accompaniment on their menu which is helpful) and a great wine selection or you can always take 5 steps and get a different crazy beer at iTap.  I can’t wait to go back and try other things on the menu, that is if I can pry myself away from getting the burger again.

Overall, a great weekend of eating and basketball in St. Louis!

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Melissa DeCicco

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