Here's your event to finally visit the Peabody Opera House

Melissa Jensen
4123 days ago.

It’s been months since the Peabody Opera House (formerly Kiel Opera House) opened it’s doors for events and performances after 20 years.  I’ve really been wanting to go but nothing has grabbed my interest.  Don’t get me wrong, they’ve had lots of great stuff going on there.  I guess I was just waiting for the comedy.

This weekend is the first in a line of comics I’d like to see who will be performing at the Peabody.   Friday, February 17th at 8:00pm is Gabriel Iglesias (fluffy guy).  I’m not sure where I’ve seen this guy, maybe a replay of an HBO special but he’s hysterical.  Comedic story telling, self-deprecating humor and I love someone who can laugh at themselves.

Two upcoming events not to miss:

Daniel Tosh April 21st…..wait…..Oops, this one’s sold out….. too bad.

DAVID SEDARIS April 25th, I am truly disappointed that this is on a weeknight, but I saw him in Chicago in November and it surpassed my wildest expectations so I think I’m going to actually venture out on a weeknight.  Plus, I waited in line to get my book signed only to have the time limit cut off be set at 4 people in front of me.

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