Cold Nights and Chicken Soup

Mary Korte
4247 days ago.

chicken veg soup Cold, snowy nights were meant for two things: fires and chicken soup. I know you are thinking I might be slightly crazy. Well, I am slightly unique, but that’s not the point. The point is, there is nothing better to eat on a cold night than soup. It doesn’t matter what kind of soup, just get one going!

There are tons of good soups out there: prepared, needing some work from you, or that you can start from scratch. I am a cooker, so I prefer to start from scratch Matzo ball with a naked bird, some water, veggies, and a huge stock pot. Why go to all that work? Hmmm.

Because it tastes better! Or at least I think it does. That was tonight’s version of dinner and, best of all, will be lunch tomorrow.

I love a good chicken soup. There are so many varieties out there-chicken noodle, chicken vegetable, chicken with wild rice, Matzo ball, Aztec chicken, etc, etc. Go to your favorite web site or and find all 1363 recipes for chicken soup!

Overwhelmed? Maybe just make some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Stay warm! grilled cheese

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