Theft Fail

2827 days ago.
Not this bag, but something like it

So I was shopping in Victoria’s Secret last night and witnessed a failed attempt at theft. This person took off with a huge black and white bag from the front of the store and as they tried to walk out with it, BEEP BEEP BEEP went the alarm with several employees running up to the front of the store. The robber then dropped the bag at the first kiosk outside of the store and bolted, leaving the VS employee to simply take back the bag from the kiosk owner and shout “Yay! We got it back!”

Ahh, what the holiday spirit does to us. We want to give our loved ones such amazing gifts but we can’t afford them, so we steal them instead. What? No, that’s not the holiday spirit! But it does bring me back to the old days when I couldn’t afford much and while I was always too afraid to steal, I have a friend who had a knack for it. I think it runs in her family.

A funny story she told me once: Friend: “So my mom is banned from Wal-Mart.” Me: “Why?” Friend: “Because my grandma stole a magazine and when she got caught, she told them my mother made her do it.” Me: “Oh my gosh, that’s crazy!” Friend: “Not really, I’m used to it, she steals shopping carts from them all the time.” Me: “What does she do with them?” Friend: “She leaves them in front of my mom’s house so she has to return them.” (Not verbatim due to my poor memory and the 10 year time span, but it went something like that).

As I said before, I’ve always been too scared to steal, however I did accidentally steal one time and actually got out the door and to my car before I realized I still had an item I had been holding in the store in my hand. I then turned around, marched back into the store and returned it to a store employee. I was terrified they would still arrest me since I left the store with it, but they were super nice and there was no trouble.

Were you witness to a theft or a theft fail? Do you have any crazy, funny theft fail stories? Christmas is a time for sharing, so let’s hear them!

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