My Black Friday Adventure

4320 days ago.

This is the story of my very short Thanksgiving and very long Black Friday.

8:30 am– Left Carbondale to go to St Louis victoria-blog
11:00am– My arrival, which included hugs from nephews and sister
12:00pm– Thanksgiving meal:chicken (sister, good) sides (by me, not so good)
1:30pm– nephews went down for nap, her hubby slept, sis and I looked at Black Friday advertisements
3:00pm– kids wake up, we attempt at playing phase 10, lasts maybe 10 min
3:10pm– coffee, lots of coffee is being drank by adults, nephew puts his finger in my coffee
4:00pm– went on a walk around a pond to walk off much chicken I ate
5:00pm– sis got ready, I played go-fish with nephew
6:00pm– ate at a Middle Eastern resteraunt, sooo good
7:25pm-went to bathroom at Walgreens, drove around
8:00pm-thought OldNavy was open, wrong. walked around mall
8:30pm– sis tries to convince me to watch Twilight, I refused
9:20pm-walk into Walmart, amazed at all the people crowded around items
9:25pm-competetitve sis convinces me to wait for my desired waffle maker
10:02pm-a guy we befriended while waiting, gets me my waffle maker
10:10pm– I am freaked out by the animal like behavior of people around store
10:10pm1:15am– store to store, gas station coffee, and old navy
1:20am– “not standing in that line” put my foot down at Old navy. We went and ate greasy pizza in food court instead, great shopping fuel
1:20am4:00am-mall shopping/target shopping/khols shopping
4:15am-about to leave Khols, I grab a couple towels to have something to show for staying awake so long besides a waffle maker
5:00am-leave St Louis to drive back to Carbondale
6:00am-take a powernap at McDonalds parking lot, eat some food equally greasy as the pizza I ate at the mall
7:00am– stop at another McDonalds for a sweet tea to stay awake
7:15am– driving with my windows down for the cool air to keep me awake, sipping my tea , and wishing I wasn’t so stupid for driving back home
8:00am-arrive at home, fall in bed almost immediately

The End. Black Friday took over my Thanksgiving and memories were made.Did anyone have a similar Black Friday experience?

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