Can you make yourself a morning person?

4585 days ago.

victoria-blog My life this morning

At 5:30 am, my alarm goes off on my cell phone. I reach down beside my bed and muster up enough coherence to change my alarm to 6:30 instead. The plans I had the night before of going for a morning run or getting laundry done can wait until after work. 6:30 came soon after, and by soon, I mean way too soon. I reach over and think:noo way. I press the snooze button once. This then happens every five minutes until 7:15. During these 45 minutes I told myself things like: Victoria, how long does it really take you to get ready? You will be much happier if you sleep longer. You will be so cold if you get out of bed.

I read an article about running in the morning. It was telling the reader that if you wake up and run in the morning, you will be more alert during the day and sleep better at night. In return, this will make it easier to wake up in the morning.

I have found this to be true when I actually do it. Any morning people out there? Are you able to wake up and go running before your day begins? If so…tell me your secret!

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