Stefano's-Lunching in the Loft District

Melissa Jensen
4184 days ago.

Ahh, Italian….. I walked 7 blocks in 4 inch heals to this place.  I knew I was craving something sinful but couldn’t decide what.  Their sign on the corner of Washington and 10th got my attention.  Stephano’s is not located right on Washington, but it is not even a block away, south on 10th street and you are there.  The place is pretty small but plenty of seating for the crowd that was there for a late lunch.

I took the server’s suggestion and tried the cheese ravioli.  This is one of those dishes that you really wish you hated.  Ravioli stuffed with cheese, covered with a cheesy white sauce containing prosciutto and topped with even more cheese.  I would not be shocked to find out there is a week’s worth of calories in every single bite, but …..I was craving something rich and sinful and this fit the bill.  I ate more of it than I wanted to.  So the food was good, I don’t always crave quite so much richness in my Italian and I do wonder how on earth the soup of the day in an Italian place can be chili, but maybe I’m just ignorant to the true origins of chili.

Stefano’s Restaurant

504 Noth 10th St.


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