Do you vote?

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victoria-blog I was looking at the news online and came across an article of some crazy stuff going on in Egypt. It is in moments like these, that I am reminded how grateful I am to live in a free country. Among all the complaints, are we doing our part?

Do you vote, I mean really vote?

Sure, we might click a name on a computer to pick our favorite candidate. We may even proudly wear a sticker for a day that proves to each other that we care.

But are we really voting. More importantly, are we speaking?

 It can also become disheartening when someone you thought would serve well does not. But throwing your hands up in the air is not the correct reaction, although much easier sometimes.

Or we might feel strongly about an issue but feel our voice does not count. Maybe we think that it has not changed so far, what makes us think we will be the ones…

What if you disagree with how the president is chosen? Speak

What is you disagree with paying taxes all together? Speak

What if you think teachers should be paid more? Speak

What if you hate abortion? Speak

and the list goes on

Don’t feel like your voice is unimportant, you make up the voice of our nation.If no one spoke, our nation would be silent. It is okay and right to figure out what you believe. It is okay to disagree.

Do you vote speak?

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