12th Street Diner – Lunching in the Loft District

Melissa Jensen
3391 days ago.

The cute, charming  12th Street Diner captured my fancy today.  Multiple appointments made me seek out a place to grab a faster than normal bit and this place fit the bill.  Located at the corner of Tucker and Washington, parking near this place isn’t the easiest and in the rain I wasn’t super excited about walking several blocks, but….it is open 24hrs on Friday and Saturday night and it is the type of place I would go to at 2am after hitting the bars for a middle of the night breakfast.

I didn’t have breakfast, but close, I tried the BLAT.  WOW, I love avocados so as soon as I saw this on the menu I looked no further.  It’s a BLT with avocado.  Sweet!!  They had it out to me in what felt like less than 5min.

An easy low key place for meeting friends for a quick bite or more likely the middle of the night breakfast that is just necessary sometimes.


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Melissa Jensen

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