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I received a fax at work the other day that I found to be extremely unbelievable and very comical!  I’m going to share it with you, word for word (I typed his letter verbatim…misspellings and all).

The letter stated:

Dear Sir, (first of all, I am not a sir)

My name is Jeff Radebe.  I am the chief financial consultant with one of the South Africans investment and private based bank.  The bank is a specialist private bank that accepts deposits from high net worth individuals, blue chip corporations and commodities traders in southern africa.  My major responsibilities throughout during my years of service to this bank include (1) analysis and monitoring of monthly, annual corporate and statutory accounts (2) project related financial planning with follow up funding and (3) coordinating the banks infrastructure functions across all businesses, product groups, legal entities and branches.

The bank has gone in to liquidation and our esteemed customers are receiving payouts from the government’s depositor compensation scheme through an investment bank.  The liquidation plan estimates that 89% of our customers would be fully refunded before end of 2011.

In the cause of my duty i noted that one of our customers, mr Fred Buther, a USA citizen who secured a loan facility with the bank for $13million is now deceased. Mr Fred Buther deposited with the bank as collateral security, documents of ownership of his mine field in south africa.  The mine field has been repossessed and it is valued at $47 million. The liquidating authorities are ready to refund the excess amount of $34 m back to Mr. Buther. I am in possession of Mr. Buthers collateral documents as the officer who negotiated the facility on behalf of the bank.

I will need your partnership as an American citizen to help claim out this fund out of the government as the relative of Mr. Buther as he has no next of kin. All that is required is for you to provide me with your details for processing of the necessary legal and administrative claim documents for the transfer of the funds in your name as the next of kin.  I will make you the next of kin to Mr. Buther by filling in your name in the appropriate document.  I have all secret details and necessary contacts for claim of the funds without any hitch and we can share the funds and use it in investment of our choice.  There will not be any dificulty as i am an insider and the person directly involved in approving the payment is also participating in this transaction.  This is legal and we will direct you on the procedures and how to apply for the fund release.  I will give you further details upon receipt of your response.  Please I advice that you keep this proposed transaction very confidential.

You can reach me on the telephone number +27738208962.  My fax number is +27115075344. My private email is is jeff@financesa.net.  I will await your urgent response.

Jeff Radebe

I can’t believe that there is anyone out there that actually falls for this type of scam!

Will you believe it?!

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