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reading rainbow

Yes, I’m an 80s baby, and I proudly admit I loved Reading Rainbow! I actually watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek because I loved LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow. But being that it’s Star Trek, I quit that pretty quickly. So imagine my excitement to hear that LeVar Burton is bringing back Reading Rainbow…as a free iPad app!

I’m also hearing it will be coming out as a free app on select Android devices (hopefully mine!). Don’t judge. If  people can play Angry Birds without judgement, I can have a Reading Rainbow app.

“For 25 years Reading Rainbow gave me the opportunity to excite children about books and reading through the medium of television. With RRKidz, I will be able to bring that same spirit of discovery, imagination and adventure to today’s digitally connected kids through enhanced e-books,” said Burton.

There’s an article about it in Geekosystem.com with an author who may be just as excited as I am about a Reading Rainbow comeback. My new favorite quote (taken from the article’s author Eric Limer): “My only question is will it still have the theme song? And will they say “take a look, it’s in an eBook”?”…I sure hope so!

I think it’s amazing how far technology has come. It was such a successful educational show that sadly died out with changing times. I have no doubt that this technological re-vamp is exactly what it needs to be successful once again. Step aside Dora, Reading Rainbow is back!

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it…

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