Sanitary or Seedy…how do you like your city?

Melissa Jensen
4609 days ago.

I don’t think weeds are allowed to grow in Newport Beach.

This past weekend my husband and I had the privilege of attending a wedding at the Balboa Bay Club and Resort.  It was a stunning location for a wedding, the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked happy and the sun setting over the million dollar yachts was spectacular.  In contrast my husband and I had most of the day of the wedding to ourselves to explore the LA area and we settled on exploring Venice Beach.  The boardwalk was over stimulation, the vendors, the people, the smells, the skate park, and can’t forget muscle beach.  I could have sat for hours just watching all the people walk by (and skate by).

People asked how the trip was and it was great, part of what I loved were the differences in the places we visited.  The crowded touristy area of Balboa Island in contrast with the equally crowded and equally touristy area of Venice could not be more different.  While I enjoyed the scenery and houses and manicured lawns of Newport, Venice with it’s anything goes attitude was more my style.

How do you think St. Louis ranks and what do you treasure?  The Delmar Loop and Soulard areas or West County, Clayton areas?  The Seedy or the Sanitary?

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Melissa Jensen

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