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Melissa DeCicco
3448 days ago.

Football season is here. Time for little smokies, meatballs, dips-a-plenty, and beer.  Love it!

I began attending college football games in the last 2 years because a family member plays.  The energy at a college football game is electrifying!  Each team has very unique traditions for 1st downs, touchdowns, etc.  So when I attended the Rams home opener, I totally expected the same energy and enthusiasm from our fans to cheer our team to a win..rut roh, that was not the case.  In fact, when the Eagles scored, people near our seats sang a 2-minute rally song that many people in the crowd also knew and sang along to – I Want That!

I absolutely LOVE the Rams and I am not talking a fair weather fan.  I want so badly for our fans to get excited again.  I even said that out loud and then, the “Ram Rules” came on.  I understand that it is completely cheesy but it brought a tear to my eye.  They are going to teach us how to cheer and we will finally look like the 12th Ram!  I want to have all the cool traditions of the teams who have been around forever and this is our chance, so embrace it!  We have to start somewhere and we won’t have a winning team if our fans only know how to cheer like it is  a baseball game.

I think it is time for the Rams fans to start something that is truly ours!  Are you with me?

First, we need a cool cheer.

Second, I think all the super fans should get together, or the Rams should organize, a flash mob with our new, unique touchdown tradition.  Something like making ram horns with our arms and swaying while chanting something…oooh I am getting goose bumps!  That way everyone will learn it and want to play along.

Third, we need St. Louis to participate and get excited about it.  Maybe buy some merchandise, fly a Rams flag during games…let’s break out the body paint!  It is sad that the Rams have to teach us how to cheer, but it is necessary until we prove we can do it ourselves.

But in the meantime, here are the “Ram Rules” to get us started!  GO RAMS!

Rams Schedule

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