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4619 days ago.


I have heard people lately talk about the facebook timeline and how “creepy” it is going to be or how interesting it will be. I am not sure how I feel about it yet until I see it. BUT…I am also not sure I want to stick around to see it happen. All the changes so far do not bother me. It is not like I am paying for facebook-so why should I be upset? It is just something fun that I do to keep in contact with friends.

After reading this CNN article: You’ll freak out when you see the new facebook., I think I may sign out for a while. Yep…I am done until I hear a little more of what this is all about. I am not too private of a person and don’t mind sharing some of my life. Bringing back status updates from 4 years ago that people can easily access and a system trying to make a timeline of my life just weirds me out.

things I would miss most/not sure i want to give up:

-easy organization of my photos

-looking at family’s pictures/esp the babies

-keeping up with my friends from back home

What are your thoughts? Are you a Facebooker no matter the changes?

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