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I, as most of you, wake up on Sunday morning, stretch, turn on the TV, and the first thing I see is a precious little child in a foreign country that has no food to eat. This is one of the most horrible visions to awake to. I remember when I was young thinking…as soon as I’m old enough to work I will send some money to help those babies! (And I did!) I know personally I have given hundreds of dollars through the years to help. After about 3 years of consistent giving, I decided to suspend my membership. I never saw any progress. Back then it was $20 to feed a family of 6 for a month. It has now grown to a minimum of $30 to feed a family for a month. How realistic is this?!

If $30 from one person would feed a family of 6 for a month, and I personally have given hundreds over the years, plus the billions of dollars that have come from others like me, along with donations from churches, large corporations, and huge government donations, it seems as though we should have seen some progress by now…$30 for 6 people for a month! Billions donated over the years! No progress at all!

These infomercials help to raise billions but they never show you the progress. I still see the same sad commercials when I wake up every morning, and now I see them for dogs and cats too. I would love to give more to help but I want to know its going directly to a child, dog, or cat in need and not to someone sitting at a desk consuming administration fees! Tell me what you think! Where is all this money going? Who is watching to make sure these funds get to the children that need them?

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